As a mother of special children and a trained instructor for disabled, I want to offer riding lessons equally to those with special needs. I have several years of experience directing special riding groups. In addition, due to my organizational activities and family background, I have solid hands-on experience with individuals with neuropsychiatric diagnoses. I have a wide range of aids at my disposal (see the page 'Pararatsastus') and, for example, I can get reliable helpers for small group lessons if needed. I have also studied the basics of sign language at the Folk High School for the Deaf.

Right now, half of my private lesson clients are disabled. All new warmly welcome!

I keep my lessons in Vantaa, Espoo and Pornainen.

See you at the stable!


takaisin satulaan pararatsastus erityisryhmien ratsastus

- individualised horse riding -

takaisin satulaan pararatsastus erityisryhmien ratsastus

The most popular events are the children's birthday riding and the horse riding feast day - a recreational activity that I can organize with horses for associations and companies (suitable for Tyky/Tyhy).

private riding


Ratsastustunti asiakkaana pieni poika
Synttäriratsastajia Lindyride

private riding for disabled

Private lessons for people with special needs differ from standard lessons only in that I have training and experience as well as many aids at my disposal.

My riding lessons are suitable for everyone. Book an hour by contacting me the way you want. I will ask you in advance for a few pieces of information (e.g. weight) so that I can reserve a suitable horse for you.



I'm Hanna, a lifelong horse enthusiast from Vantaa.


A couple of years ago I made the best decision of my life. I studied to be a riding instructor for disabled and founded my company Lindyride in 2018.

Many riders had told me that they had lost the guidance and teacher attention they needed in elementary group lessons because they are by nature not willing or afraid to ask for advice in the group. Perhaps for fear of embarrassing themselves in front of other riders. A few young people had also felt that they had been underestimated by the teacher in group lessons when they had not kept pace with the others. I have had several customers who have stopped riding completely as a child / young person when, due to bad experiences, they no longer wanted to ride in group lessons.

Thus, there was a clear need to guided riding in an appreciative and safe environment. And because I didn’t find much alternative services in the metropolitan area, such as affordable private lessons, my company’s vision brightened:

"I offer individual, guided riding lessons and horse skills training in a safe environment according to the client's needs and wishes"